Tuesday 29 April 2014

Top 5 sources of good eco-news

Everybody needs good news now and then, particularly good eco-news. Of course it's important to be aware of what's happening, get regular reality checks, know what issues need our support and action.

But it's also important to lift our gaze to the good that's being done, the progress being made, the people doing positive things to restore harmony in the Man vs Wild balance.

Behold, my top 5 sources of glad eco-tidings, in no particular order:

1. Zite: I love this app. "Zite and a cup of coffee," as one Zite reviewer says, is a great way to start the day. It's basically a magazine/newspaper created just for you, on your iPhone/iPad, like this: you tell Zite what you're interested in (e.g. sustainability, eco-design, conservation) and it curates stories and blog posts from ALL over the world. So you find yourself reading more widely than you ever would have, and the more you use Zite (and give the thumbs-up to stories you liked), the more it gives you what you'll like to read.

2. Grist: This Seattle-based online news organisation isn't afraid to be light-hearted when spilling the (Fairtrade) beans on eco-issues. Sure, there are hard truths here, but there's also the Grist List, which covers good things happening around the world, and Ask Umbra's column, which explores corners most green-news sites don't, answering questions like "Could I pee in the shower to save a flush?" Sign up for the daily email and you'll never go hungry for witty eco-news again.

Get to work, puss!
 3. Treehugger: One of the first sites ever to focus on sustainability and still one of the best, with multiple blog posts daily (16 so far today!), and news about green design and living (like the cat-friendly eco-desk and 9 green living options that improve your quality of life) as well as business, energy, transportation, science and technology.

4. TakePart: Ok, so the fact that this is the organisation that made The Cove tells you it won't all be good news (if there is such a thing). But there are plenty of green-living tips here, like in the As Green As I Get column, and the site is pleasant to browse (lots of pics).

5. Huffpost Green: The environmentally minded sister of newshound The Huffington Post is possibly more cerebral than the other links here, and has some high profile (guest) bloggers, like the Kumi Naidoo, head of Greenpeace International.

Rock-hugging cabin, Norway
Still hungry? Try a dose of Cabin Porn (a perfectly innocent photo gallery of shacks in natural places), squeeze into the Tiny House movement (the sustainability of living in small spaces), get informed about clean energy at Reneweconomy or lose yourself in EcoTraveller (good eco-travel news).

What's your favourite source of eco-inspiration?


  1. I'm so enjoying a read around your blog, Louise, and will link to it from mine in my Friday post. I'm at the very start of learning about the state of responsible travel ... and changing a few of my own wicked ways. My fave source of eco-inspiration these days seems to be from blogs... but my reading of them is sporadic.... maybe from the stream of my pals who work for NGOs also ... Will be trying a few of these you mention here.

  2. Hi Seana, welcome to No Impact Girl and thanks for reading! Your new blog/website looks great, thanks for linking here from there. I'm not sure I could think eco-thoughts if I had four (or any) children, so kudos to you. See you in cyberspace :)