Monday 18 October 2021

Talking tiny, candidly

If you've been following my No Impact Girl facebook page - where I've been posting almost-weekly updates of my tiny house build - you'll know that the tiny house is finished! Officially, I moved into the tiny in March and we (Mr No Impact Girl and I) finished all the essential bits in May this year. 

Unofficially, I finished making the last big thing - a pine storage unit for my bed loft - only a few weeks ago. So apart from a few shelves and hooks and cushions, I can pretty safely say, "It's done!" 

I'm planning to write a couple of posts here - including one or two I intended to write during the build but was too busy (and exhausted) to even think about - as well as a book about the tiny build experience (that might take a little longer). 

As a travel writer I couldn't help relating to the whole experience as if it were a (very) long trip to a place I'd never been. Which meant documenting it all. I filled three A4 notebooks, took countless photos and wrote all those Facebook posts... 

In the meantime, here's a snapshot of the build in non-written form: Shannon Schultz, from Fred's Tiny Houses, where I bought my purpose-built tiny house trailer, interviewed me a few months ago for her new podcast, Candid Tiny House. My episode went live a couple of days ago and it's lovely. 

There's a 20-minute video tour of the tiny (including lots of extra pics) and a 30-minute podcast featuring yours truly talking in more detail about the build and about living tiny. Just head to Shannon's Candid Tiny House (that's the link to her website) or search for "Candid Tiny House" on your preferred podcast app.

More soon! 


  1. We were blown away by your place via our "tour". You are amazing and your design is really beautiful down to every detail! Much respect Earth gal, in so many ways deserved....and earned.

    1. Thank you so much, Rog! High praise indeed, means a lot coming from you with all your creative and woodwork skills. I bow to you in thanks :-) xx

  2. Oh wow Louise those photos are stunning. That is tiny house living next level!!! Congrats!!

    1. Thanks so much Claire! It's a beautiful little space to live in; will write a post about that soon too. More pics on FB if you're interested, if you're using FB these days. PS loved your Rewilding book, amazing!