Thursday 31 March 2011

Click and the lights go out...

Today I joined the local Food Co-op in Manly and, to be frank (he won’t mind), my first thoughts afterwards were “I miss Coles!”. I like speed-shopping, mindfully of course ;) I like to go  to the stores where I know my way around, get what I need, and get out.

The Food Co-op isn’t that kind of place. But it is actually kinda cool. The main benefit of it is that it reduces packaging: I bought muesli and pasta without having to throw away any plastic, yay! The only way you can buy stuff like this at the co-op is to BYO containers. Glass containers, I realised when I got there – I took plastic former-takeaway-tubs (d’oh!) because they were lighter to carry on my bike.

The other main benefit is that most of the produce there is organic. And locally sourced – except the pasta sauce; I had to choose between the pasta sauce made in the UK or Italy. I chose the UK. There are nuts and legumes I’ve never heard of before. There were lots of empty barrels – my boyfriend said it was like shopping in a Russian supermarket. But the people were super-friendly and helpful. I signed on as a member and if I do three hours of voluntary work a month, I get a discount on everything I buy there. 

Tonight, we are turning off the lights – or, actually, just not turning them on. And going electricity-free (thank the gods we have gas to cook on), just for tonight. That means no TV, no laptops, no electric kettle for a late night chamomile tea (we have hot water in a thermos, though). Pity it’s a rainy evening; it’s only 6pm and it’s almost too dark to read by daylight already. Oh well. Here I go. We have the beeswax candles, we have games to play, books to read. I’m…unplugging…now. I'm really going now. 

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